Safer Special Needs Beds

Care Foundation Funding Focus – Comfort and Care

Amongst the Special Needs patience needing a specialised bed at Wairau Hospital is Megan.  Her rare metabolic condition means she suffers from seizures, doesn’t eat but fed through a feeding tube, she also wears cochlear implants and glasses.  As she grows, a special bed with fully padded safety sides means her family know she is safe from hurting herself when she needs a stay in Hospital for IV fluids, seizure management and a variety of outpatient treatments.  Megan’s mother Stacey describes the difference it has made…..

“Up until recently we had to watch closely as she needs to be elevated and would slip down and off the bed.  Thanks to Mary, one of the amazing Wairau Hospital Paediatric Team, who approached the Care Foundation to purchase the new bed.  This admission Meagan was safe in the new bed, the padded safety sides meant she cannot fall out of bed or hurt herself rolling around at night.  Thanks So much Care Foundation, you really have supported our daughter and as a parent I can move away from her bedside knowing she will be OK.”