Apply for funding

All requests for an application form will come directly to The Care Foundation General Manager. 

Ph: (03) 546 1270

  • Applications will be received twice a year – open from
    February 1st- 28th then again July 1st until 31st

  • The Care Foundation Board will meet twice a year to consider applications in March and August. 

  • Urgent request for funding will be considered on a case by case basis. Please leave plenty of time to apply for funding for your project.

To receive an application form, please complete and send the Request for Application on the right. 

The Care Foundation are currently, but not exclusively, distributing funds to the follow:

  • Health for All – ensure All people in our community can lead a healthier life

  • People First – support participation in own health care through innovation

  • People in Health – support initiatives to attract, train and retain the best for our Region

  • Comfort and Care – provide practical comfort and care to people in need and their whanau.

If you are successful you will need to provide The Care Foundation with ‘proof of purchase’ documentation and a report, or post analysis, of the impact the funds have made.

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Applicant Name
Provide a brief summary below of your application. Include who will benefit, the geographical area covered and the amount of funding being sought.